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Beaver River in NY

By 829 Dev

What a great weekend at the Beaver River in NY. The Beaver has three sections to it Taylorville (III/IV), Moshier (IV/V) and Eagle (V). Taylorville and Eagle have a few scheduled releases during the fall but Moshier has one release a year and it’s the day before Labor Day. It’s too bad it doesn’t run more because it’s such a fun run! It starts with two really fun waterfalls then some boogy water and then Moshier Falls. The falls is a longer rapid that has four drops. It’s really easy to scout and you can run it numerous amounts of times.The river is packed because of the once a year release which makes it interesting and very entertaining. There’s lot’s of carnage like boaters running into each other, swimming, or my favorite was 2-3 boaters running a drop one’s backwards and the other upside down.

Taylorville is a great run for people who want to start creeking. There’s a large slide and fun boofs to get some practice on before you run harder rivers. The Eagle is a water park for boaters. You put in at the top and slide your way down the drops (hopefully upright). It’s really short so you can run it a bunch. This is the locals favorite spot to come and watch boaters run the drops or they come for the carnage.

It was Jeff’s first time running the Beaver in a open boat. He did really well one swim and two combat rolls. He walked Moshier Falls but Jeremy Laucks ran his open boat down and styled it!

We didn’t get to run the Raquette on Monday we went to New Bedford, MA to celebrate my grandparent’s 65th wedding anniversary. It was really nice seeing a bunch of family members and hopefully we’ll celebrate their 70th.

I’m home in VT for the week and Sunday head south for the Gauley Fest!

Enjoy the video!

Till next time,

Elaine Campbell



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