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Woman zip lining through the trees

Authentic Zipline Canopy Tour Experience Offers Self-Exploration, Personal Challenge

By Bruce Lessels

CHARLEMONT, MA — Rachel Maestri Hailey sees the Zoar Outdoor brand of canopy tour as an exploration—both of the outdoors and of the self.

“In the literal sense, we zip through the area, but more importantly, there is an exploration of oneself,” said Hailey, Zoar’s 35-year-old canopy tour manager. “Questions come up: Where does your comfort zone end, and your stretch zone begin? What does courage look like to you? There are multiple levels of personal discovery.”

Zoar’s guides are trained to get into that personal realm, said Bruce Lessels, the president of the adventure outfit based in Charlemont, Massachusetts.

“We take pride in the way we train our guides,” he said. “The course is progressive and designed so that guests get comfortable with it as they go.”



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