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A little STOKE for your Tuesday

By Office Staff

With a little bit of rain recently and the snow rapidly starting to melt, spring is right around the corner and stoke levels are high.  My TV has slowly been making the transition from showing skiers and boarders ripping through big powder fields and tight gullies to paddlers dropping waterfalls, playing on classic spring big water playspots and bouncing down technical creeks.  My internet surfing has been slowly switching from avalanche forecasts and ski sites to AW river gauges and paddling forums. 

I’m still pretty focused on getting a few good days of backcountry skiing and Tucks is starting to sound pretty good but my thoughts are drifting more and more to paddling.  Last Wednesday night, I returned to the UNH pool and got in a boat for the first time since New Year’s Day and it felt really good to be back. 

This weekend I will be heading out to Zoar Outdoor for Returning Staff Training and will be getting in a few days on the river.  I’ve been watching a few big water play spots not too far from my house where I used to play when I was attending UNH.  I’ve been far more focused on creeking for the last few years but I’m really excited to spend some time in a playboat this spring.  I definitely want to get out on some of the NH creeks that I haven’t explored yet. 

Here’s 5 minutes of STOKE for your Tuesday as spring and epic boating is rapidly approaching!


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