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2010 Reno River Fest

By 829 Dev

We’re here in Reno, NV relaxing after another great Reno River Fest! The Fest was last weekend starting with the World Kayak Open. I got to judge some great boaters competing to get into the Pro Invite on Saturday. They took the top 3 men and women to compete on Saturday. The top three men were Clay Wright, (local) Scott Sady and Dave Fussilli. The women were (local) Jessica Yurtinis, Nicole Mansfield and (local) Mary. Jeff my husband competed in the open and was the only c1 and he was awesome!

Last Friday was my 30th b-day so we had the annual In and Out Burger at our friend’s house Di and Ty’s. We behaved that night since I had to compete the next day. My parent’s flew in on Thursday to surprize me which was really great!

Saturday morning the competition began and I was in the second heat of women. I paddled pretty well and was in fourth going into semi-finals. I didn’t hit all my big tricks which can be frustrating but I paddled well enough to land in 4th place even though I wanted to be at least in 3rd. I stuck to my plan which was entry move, orbit, mcnasty, clean cartwheel, godzilla, phonix and if I had time split wheel to left cartwheel. I should of thrown the felix!

The top three men were Nick Troutman, Jayson Craig, and EJ. Team Wave Sport manager Bryan Kirk came in 5th. Top three women were Emily Jackson, Ruth Gordon, and Devon Barker. All the women paddled really well!

Saturday night was my 30th party. A bunch of paddlers showed up to the Grand Sierra Resort for some shenanigans. It started off with like 24 of us playing lazer tag. The rules were no running, jumping on things, swearing, crawling, hitting, teams, and going through the fire escape (Judd). We broke all the rules within 10 seconds. The cops even showed up because the fire alarm was going off and we just kept on playing. I’m pretty sure Macy took first place.

After lazer tag a bunch of us went bowling and Jeremy crushed it with like 3 stikes in a row. Then we went to the Extreme Bar which lead to ridiculous dancing until like 2am then I needed to get the heck out of there. Such a fun night lots of great stories!

Now just hanging in the RV paddling in CA. Paddled Pauley Creek on Monday in a snow storm! I also have paddled Chamberlin on the North Fork of the American, the Summit Run on the Yuba and did an overnighter on Deer Creek (I’ll have a post about it soon).

Here is a video of my comp rides in prelims and semi’s and Bryan Kirk’s from prelims. I forgot to bring my camera for men’s semi’s.

Oh and no add ons to the damage report!

Till next time,

Elaine Campbell


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