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Young girl smiling as she zip lines through the trees
Group rafting down the Miller River on the adventure package trip
Cabin tent in the woods
A cabin tent interior with two twin beds

Millers River Rafting, Cabin and Zip Line Package




2 Days


April 10th & 11th - Call to book


7 Main Street, Charlemont MA




Chill – These trips offer a mellow outdoor experience with a minimal (but not non-existent) chance of falling out of the boat. They require a basic level of fitness.


Looking to Explore – These trips have some exciting parts and some more laid back parts. They require a moderate level of fitness.


Epic – These are our most exciting trips.
They require a higher level of fitness and carry a higher chance of falling out of the boat in challenging rapids.

Due to Covid related capacity restrictions, all packages need to be custom built. Please call the office to make your reservation. 1-800-532-7483.

Sign up for a two day, adventure-filled getaway. You’ll paddle through the Millers River spring high flow, enjoy a lovely evening with nature in a cabin tent and fly through the trees with this package.

A Typical Day


Day 1: Millers River Rafting

Experience the excitement of this full-day class II-IV trip, only available during the spring as you raft down 8 miles of whitewater. We’ll stop for a warm lunch on the side of the river halfway through, after tackling the biggest rapids of the day.

Overnight: Cabin Tent

Halfway between camping and staying indoors, our cabin tents offer a wilderness experience with a touch of class. Each 12′ by 14′ tent is set on a wooden deck built into the side of the hill and equipped with four cots, a gas lantern, a small gas grill, and a comfortable porch.

Day 2: Zip Line Canopy Tour

Start your morning with a three-hour tour through the trees. The trip includes 11 zips, two sky bridges, and 3 rappels.


For Rafting: we provide paddles, helmets and life jackets, as well as a farmer john wetsuit, neoprene booties and sprayjacket at no extra charge on Millers River rafting trips. The following clothing items are to be worn in conjunction with the wetsuit for added warmth. -Wool or fleece sweater -Bathing suit and/or shorts. -Running tights or other synthetic tights to wear on your legs under the wetsuit if it’s especially cold. -Wool or synthetic socks (Cotton Clothing such as blue jeans, sweatshirts, or t-shirts, is not appropriate for rafting since cotton keeps you cold when it gets wet.)

For Camping: Bedding is not provided, so be sure to bring pillows and sheets and blankets (or a sleeping bag). You should also bring quarters for the coin-operated showers as well as shampoo, etc. The paths through the campground are not lit, so please remember to bring a flashlight. Our camping is located a few hundred yards off Route 2 and across the river from a rail line. Train and vehicle traffic varies greatly from day to day, but some campers prefer to use ear plugs on busier nights.

For Ziplining: Wear comfortable clothing appropriate for the season, but avoid loose clothing that could tangle in ropes or other gear. Skirts should be avoided. In late fall or winter months, it is better to come with too many articles of clothing than to come with not enough. We go in the rain, so come prepared with rain gear if needed.

For all of our whitewater trips, guests must be able/willing to do the following: Wear a helmet and our personal flotation device (PFD), respond to and follow verbal or visual instruction, roll from front to back in water while wearing a PFD, demonstrate dynamic sitting position (sitting upright), and float with feet up in water. Specifically for the intermediate Millers River trip, guests should be able to paddle in the rapids, but with frequent rests. Remain calm, lay flat, and orient their body so their feet are aiming downstream if they find themselves unexpectedly in the water. On the West trip, guests need to be prepared to spend a longer period of time in the water with an unexpected swim, and should be able to swim to the nearest raft or shore in current. Our PFDs fit a maximum chest size of 56 inches.

Zip line canopy tours are open to anyone age 10 or up. Participants should be able to hike a short distance downhill and should be in reasonable physical shape. Children under 16 must be accompanied by an adult. We have a minimum weight limit of 70 lbs and a maximum of 250 lbs. Since zip lining is gravity driven, we must adhere to these weight limits strictly for the safety of our guests. We reserve the option to weigh guests when they arrive to determine eligibility for the canopy tour. We can not allow pregnant women to zip. All zip line participants take part in a ground school before getting onto the actual canopy tour. At the ground school, participants must demonstrate the ability to hand brake, self rescue and follow directions from their guides before being allowed on the canopy tour itself.

Don’t forget to read your confirmation letter (there is a lot of useful information in there!). Call our office if you have any additional questions. We’re always happy to help.


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I only have good things to say about Zoar. A very positive experience. Thanks to you all for such a great early Mother's Day with my sons.