Waves and Leaves

Winter 2012

The leaves are long gone and snow has started to dust the ground every now and then. Winter’s right around the corner and we’re enjoying the calm while getting ready for next year’s season. Not all is quiet, though. We rent pools to offer rolling sessions throughout the winter, and Hawk Mountain Lodge stays open to house travelers. It’s also the time of year when we get much of our maintenance on the grounds done, when we look back for any ways to enhance the experiences we provide, and when we look forward and prepare for the busy months to come.

-Bruce Lessels, Zoar Outdoor

A Peek at Hawk Mountain Lodge in the 1800s


Nearly two hundred years ago, in what is now Hawk Mountain Lodge at Zoar Outdoor, a young boy and his family lived with a farmer and friend of the boy’s mother

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New Year’s Resolution: Become a First Responder


Have you ever thought about what you would do if you were out on a paddling or hiking trip and suddenly things didn’t go as well as planned?

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Tips to Improve Your Paddling


Some time ago, Zoar Outdoor and web how-to site, Expert Village, collaborated on a series of instructional kayak videos. Here are a few of them.

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Gear for Winter Paddling


“Water draws heat from the body 25 times faster than air… causing a substantial loss of strength, coordination, and judgment rather quickly. All cold-weather paddlers should select the gear needed for the insulation required to stay warm.” – Charlie Walbridge, excerpt from Whitewater Rescue Manual

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Staff Spotlight: Emily Cross


For this Staff Spotlight, we caught up with Emily Cross, a zip line guide, and asked her a few questions

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Holiday Gifts and Sales


This holiday season, let us help you cross items off your gift list! With lots of great deals, you’ll be able to get the perfect gifts for friends and family (or for yourself!). Check out The Outfitters Shop online or stop in to see what we’ve got.

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New Cables for the Zipline


Many people who come up to zip with us wonder about the construction of the zip course. They stand on the platforms and look out at the long, paired cables that drape between each platform, and ask, ‘how in the world did those cables get up there?’ This fall, Deerfield Valley Canopy Tours replaced the old cables with new ones, which allows us a chance to peek into the process of setting up the zips.

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Scheduling the Water on the Deerfield River


The Deerfield River is an excellent example of a river under human control with 10 hydropower dams and a pumped storage facility that combine to produce nearly 700 megawatts of electricity at maximum capacity.

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