Stohlquist Descent Whitewater Rescue PFD


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Quick Overview:

Built-in extras include:
• Detachable Quick Release rescue harness for instruction, strong swimmer & equipment retrievals.
• Self-centering 1 1/2" black oxide stainless steel "O" ring.
• Quick release cam buckle for tow tether leash.
• Front accessory lash tab for river knife.
• Stainless steel loop anchor points for accessory attachments (crotch harness)..

Small/Medium for 33" - 39" chest
Large/XLarge for 40" - 46" chest
XXLarge for 48" - 54" chest

Stohlquist Descent Whitewater Rescue PFD

The Stohlquist Descent Whitewater Rescue PFD is an extrmely capable vest designed with features found nowhere else in a paddler's Rescue Vest.

With an ergonomic cut consisting on Wrapture Foam adjusted with a cross-chest cinch harness and self tensioning shoulders, the Descent has a close, balanced fit with zero ride up due to a Gripp-Loc interior panel.

 The Descent features an innovative pocket system that expands to accept your expedition essentials or just a day out on the water.  

Customer Reviews

Comment by Ben Natusch |

I started wearing the Stohlquist Descent a few seasons ago. It fits me really well and is comfortable to wear during long days of paddling. It really stays out of the way when paddling and it is easy to forget you are wearing it. The vest stays in place when swimming or being lowered on a rope. It has some convenient pockets. In the front pocket of my vest, I keep 2 caribiners, 2 prussic loops, a pulley, a small bag containing gloves and a cpr shield, a snack or two, and a knife. There is a stretch mesh pocket on the front where I often keep a camera. I outfit the rescue harness with a Stohlquist Retract cowtail. The bungee keeps the cowtail out of the way until I need it and allows me to quickly clip it back out of the way when I’m done so I don’t have a cord dangling in the water looking to wrap around my body or paddle or to get snagged on something. I switch out the caribiner to a Black Diamond Magnetron Gridlock so that I have a locking caribiner that is quick and easy to open with either hand. Using a locking caribiner prevents it from accidentally clipping to something and reduces the chance of a rope getting unclipped.

Ben Natusch
Team Z

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