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Southern Vermont's Hidden Gem

posted on by Adriana Isaza

Every year, for one day, we get to one of Vermont’s hidden gems - the West River. The West River is a perfect mix of adventure and leisure - it has a little bit more adventure than the Zoar Gap and is a little mellower than the Dryway.  

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Whitewater Sports During the Drought

posted on by Jennifer West

This summer's weather in the Northeast has been gorgeous if you've been hanging out on a beach or by the water, but all those sunny days have put us in a drought with year to date rainfall totals dipping as low as 8 to 10 inches below normal. 

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Werner Double Diamond Review

posted on by Elaine Campbell

Why I love my Werner Double Diamond

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Hiking Near Zoar Outdoor

posted on by Office Staff

Sometimes you need to get away from the suburbs or the city and just relax with nature. When hiking, you don't have to listen to cars, neighbors working outside or loud conversations. It's quiet and peaceful. If you pass by other hikers, say hello, because most of them are very friendly. No matter where you are in the Deerfield Valley, there are beautiful hiking trails just a short car ride away. Trails range from easy family hiking trails to ones that will push someone all the way up the trail until they reached the summit.

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Whatever Floats Your Boat

posted on by Jim Sullivan

If you’ve ever taken a look in the back of your boat, you may have noticed that there’s either a whole bunch of empty space, or two blown up airbags filling up the space behind you in your boat. Airbags are an essential piece of paddling gear, even though it may seem like an extra expense. When in reality, having float bags in the back of your boat does you and your friends a huge favor.

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